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We have compiled a range of information that will help you better understand your child's needs and how our services can be useful in managing your child’s sensory difficulties or behavioural challenges. If you’re in search of more of advice, strategies, or family-centred therapy, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Make the Most Of Playtime

A Parents Guide to Emotional Regulation


How to Help Your Child with Separation Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Family-centred counselling services at 8 Senses Therapy in Adelaide

A Road to Recovery from Self- Harm

Visual Cue Cards | Visual Learners


Preventing Meltdowns | Tips & Strategies

Speech Pathology | Helping Your Child Find Their Voice

Speech Pathologist, Helen Hauschild, is part of the 8 Senses Team

Telehealth | Receive Occupational Therapy At Home

Telehealth Session - Occupational Therapy with a child at home

What to Expect: Your Child's First Counselling Session

Advice from Cassie: Navigating Life On The Spectrum

Supporting your child with autism through occupational therapy, speech pathology, and counselling.

Counselling: Parent Psychoeducation

Sensory Difficulties vs Challenging Behaviours

Professional Supervision | Elevate Your Career As An Occupational Therapist

8 Senses Therapy Team are friendly and provide counselling, occupational therapy, speech pathology to children and young adults in Adelaide

Raising Independent & Capable Children | Age Appropriate Chores

The Classroom Conundrum | Strategies For Teachers

The Hidden Sixth Sense | The Impact It Has On Children

Counselling | Identifying and Addressing Mental Health Issues

Building Strong Social Skills | A Practical Guide For Parents

Understanding SPD In Children & How It Impacts Their Adult Life

Managing Screen Time | What Parents Need To Know

The Value Of External Supervision For Occupational Therapists

An Occupational Therapist's Guide To Helping Parents Become Superheroes​